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Libi Barak: About Us



2013-2019   נולד ונפרד מאתנו ב-ז' באדר

MODEH-ANI Project was inspired by one courageous and smart little 6-year-old boy named Libi Barak. Libi means My Heart in Hebrew, and like his name, Libi had a huge heart, and he shared it with anyone who wanted it.  Libi was a funny, brave, sweet, beautiful, caring, and loving boy, who courageously fought cancer (DIPG) from July 8, 2018, to February 12, 2019.  He loved his family so much, and his two brothers were his best friends.

Libi was both born and separated from us on the same Hebrew date, 7 Adar (ז' באדר), which according to the Bible is the date of both the birth and death of Moshe Rabbeinu.

Libi was a great gift to his family and friends and will always be loved and remembered.

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