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#1 Reason to be Grateful | Being alive

Being Alive

It feels great to wake up feeling “I’m alive”.

Try asking someone who’s unconscious for a significant time and they will tell you how humbling the experience was.

I remember the first time I saw someone die before my very eyes die at a Public Hospital. It was post-midnight around 2 pm. He was admitted with what seemed like normal chest pain. His wife and his son accompanied him to the hospital. He is not someone you ever doubt would be dead in a few minutes. As he lay on the bed, he was in agonizing pain and suddenly calmed down as if he went to sleep. His family tried waking him up but he felt nothing. I could see the doctor heavily pounding on the patient’s chest. He ordered the nurse to hand him the adrenaline injection and as soon as he got it, he pierced it into the patient’s flesh, but to no avail.

After a few more pounding, the doctor seemed tired and gave up. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Although he was totally unrelated to me, I wanted to ask the doctor to do something, and somehow make it work. I noticed his family was right beside him, especially his wife sobbing uncontrollably as she saw the companion of her life lay lifeless and indifferent. It was all over, everything happened in a matter of few minutes. It was my first real experience watching someone seemingly normal gone out of reach in no time.

Life truly is, extremely fragile.

from the blog: Reasons To Be Grateful by: Johnson Bandi

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